Welcome Moving Murals

CET Residential Solutions is proud to announce Moving Murals as a new addition to our luxury line of products. What is a Moving Mural? It is the ultimate in high definition content delivered to a video panel creating incredible depth and picture quality. Moving Murals is a leader in the unique independent production of "True Definition" 4K quality video. Using the full bandwidth of current HDMI technology Moving Murals is able to push every pixel on your current 1080P display. The truly unique aspect of the product is that it is formatted to be ready for 4K televisions that are just hitting the market early 2013.

There is no better way to demonstrate the beauty of a display than by using the content and technology behind Moving Murals. It is the crossroad of technology and art that your client will absolutely love. The ability to easily switch out content also adds to the potential recurring revenue opportunity for your business. Furthermore content is formated both landscape and portrait so creating a stunning video wall with a landscape view of the Tahitian coast line is done with ease!