Industry Terminology

When communicating in any industry there tends to be the creation and utilization of "specialized terms", jargon. The terms used to communicate can indicate your level of expertise and experience within a given field. It would seem that our industry is filled with jargon and acronyms - CCNA, IEEE, CAT-5, LEED, DTS, Homerun, makeup, make it hot, trim, rough-in etc,. Even words people use to describe common events seem to have a different meaning - what does it mean to automate or experience automation? This could be as simple as turning on a TV or as complex as 100,000 lines of code preparing a home or building for winter.

At this point you may be thinking, "these terms are not jargon - this is how we communicate, it's easy". It is easy to the people who live and breathe the electronics lifestyle. We forget that as much as we are insiders in our industry we are outsiders everywhere else we go. That is why being broad and open to the other trades we interact with creates long term benefits for overall business development. FOr instance understanding the value a designer provides to a project is infinitely beneficial. Typically they cause the most resistance to technology but they also typically hold the highest level of influence in the building process.

So next time you're talking with a designer about why you should provide the window coverings make sure you speak to all the benefits and demonstrate your knowledge of your trade. Start with technology and move towards design and finish on fashion. Demonstrate you understand warp and weft by using the terms as part of the design conversation. All fabrics that are traditionally made feature threads that run vertically (warp) and a thread or threads that run horizontally (weft). By taking note of the subtle biases in the fabrics you're communication about you will be able to increase your credibility in a dramatic way.


We're not simply wiremen, TV hangers, outlet installers, or speaker cutters - we are lifestyle professionals that provide a way of living that is beyond anything the client or designer has experienced before. Remember to be the master of your trade and an expert in all others!